Community-issued advice and errata for standard and Society games.

What happens when I gain a specific type of feat from something other than a scenario reward?

You will gain the feat the same way as if it was a reward. Resolution: On page 9 of the Guide, i...

When building the vault for PACS seasons prior to Season 6, do I have to remove the boons?

No, it is optional to remove each non-blessing boon. Resolution: On page 8 of the Guide, in Buil...

When I am supposed to remove a card from the game during a PACS scenario, what am I supposed to do?

You can just banish it. Resolution: On page 9 of the Guide, replace the section "Removing C...

In Ruins of Bonekeep (2018 Open), should Round 2 contain the location Scorched Obelisk?

No. Resolution: In Round 2, remove Scorched Obelisk from the list of locations when building the...